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Farewell Services


The casket selected is very personal to each family. What you will remember about your farewell experience has little to do with the type of casket you choose. Therefore we encourage a wise financial decision when selecting a casket.
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Burial vaults are required by most cemeteries but not by law. Their purpose is to support the weight of the earth around the casket and to resist graveside elements. We recommend Wilbert burial vaults, selected by more families than any other brand.
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Urns serve as permanent or temporary container for cremated remains. The most important consideration is to determine what the final disposition of the cremated remains will be, 80% of the families bury the cremated remains while 20% choose to scatter the cremated remains. We provide urns for both purposes.
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Farewell Folders
Memorial Folder including photo that provide a heart warming memento for family and friends. Choose from over 500 different themes and verse in our online theme viewer..
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