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Wide Range of Services for Funeral and Cremation in Brighton, MI

At Borek Jennings Funeral Homes, your most important decision isn't whether to choose burial or cremation, it is to fully understand how your choices impact the emotional, relational, and spiritual well-being of those who cared for, loved, and shared life with your loved one. We offer different farewell services that cater to your needs in Brighton, MI and the nearby areas. Our Healing Farewell® Includes 27 healing support services during the Acute Loss Period as well as a public gathering and Community Farewell with a casket present concluding with burial or cremation. You are welcome to give us a call at (810) 231-0200 for immediate needs.

Choosing a provider for funeral and cremation in Brighton, MI, is no small task. It is a good idea to partner with a full-service funeral home. We can handle all of the steps of the arrangement process and the little details that make a beautiful, rich experience. You and your family will be free to support one another and prepare for the goodbye at hand. 

Brighton MI Funeral Home And Cremations

As a full-service funeral home, we will take care of bringing your loved one into our care. Then, according to your timing elections and all legal procedures, either embalming or cremating the remains. We support the filing of necessary paperwork of death benefits and the certificates of death. We will publish obituary and death notices on our website and submit them for publication to the local press if desired.

We have an excellent array of merchandise for you to select from, including caskets, burial vaults, memorial markers, and the like. We handle the ordering of flower arrangements and getting them to the appropriate locations. We work with the clergy of all faiths to support you in creating whatever you require.

Support for You and Your Loved Ones

All of these previously mentioned details are important and appreciated. However, our most prominent concern at Borek Jennings Funeral Homes is how we can support and sustain the living through this intense period of loss and beyond. We have carefully trained, compassionate staff and funeral directors who assist you and are deeply concerned for your well-being.

Because of this, we believe your most important decision will be taking the time to understand how the closure aspect of this time will affect the remaining living as they move forward. Healing is, in many ways, an uncharted map. It looks different for each of us. That said, there are road markers that grief experts agree are generally universal.

We want to shine light upon these known road markers so you can avoid additional distress in the future. We have carefully curated many helpful resources to support you in this time between learning of your loss and when real grief generally sets in. We have a comprehensive aftercare program to connect the bereaved with resources to support them toward healing.

Cost of Funeral Service in Brighton, MI

The cost of funeral services in Brighton, MI can vary based on the type of service and funeral home selected. The average cost of a funeral service in Brighton, MI ranges from $5,500 to $9,000. Factors such as casket or urn selection, embalming, and other services may increase the overall cost. Cemetery fees and additional expenses such as flowers or transportation may also be included in the final cost. It's essential to research and compare prices and services offered by different funeral homes to find the most suitable option that meets your needs and budget.

What are the Differences Between Funeral and Cremation in Brighton, MI?

There are many options when it comes to funeral services and cremation services. A funeral service is typically held with the body present in some form. Some people choose a traditional service, including a viewing, funeral, and casket burial. Others might opt for no viewing and /or a graveside service just before burial.

Still, others may choose to have a direct cremation without any attached service. This is also done when a memorial needs to be held at a later date. More often than simple cremation, we see families choose to have a service followed by cremation. In this way, many have found that funeral and cremation in Brighton, MI are not necessarily one or the other. If you want to create a crossover between these services, just ask us what's possible. Chances are, we’ve helped others create something similar.

We commit to working with your budget, timing, and needs. We will always let you know what grief experts and counselors recommend and support your choices for the final disposition and services for your loved one.

Highly Rated Funeral Home

With hundreds of satisfied customers and many high-ranking written reviews, we feel confident that we can deliver just what you need too. We were rated the #1 funeral home in Livingston County last year. This is not the kind of praise we take lightly!

We feel honored, privileged even, to support our communities during these tender times of grief and transition. Give yourself the peace of mind you need by choosing a provider with an impeccable reputation! We promise to give you compassion, transparency, and an eye for detail.

Supporting Families and Loved Ones Near and Far

We continue to serve the public as an essential service provider during these unusual times of additional regulations and health orders. We can accept appointments to make arrangements and support small, immediate family-centered, in-person services as social distancing allows.

With these considerations in mind, we have worked to create digital spaces for support and connection. Our online obituary and tribute walls are available for those who cannot gather physically to pay their respects and lift the heartbroken bereaved. With a few clicks, you can also:

  • Send flowers
  • Have a tree planted in memory of the deceased
  • Administer to the needs of the family through legitimate donation pathways
  • Share the obituary through social media or email

Call to Make an Appointment

For immediate assistance or upcoming needs for our services surrounding funeral and cremation in Brighton, MI, please call to arrange an appointment today at Borek Jennings Funeral Homes. Done hesitate to reach us on (810) 231-0200.

Funeral & Cremation FAQs 

  •  Do veterans get free funerals?
    • Both veterans with other-than-dishonorable discharges are entitled for free burial in the national cemetery of the VA. Usually, the eligibility criteria are the same as those for federal cemeteries. In most cases, the spouses are entitled to bury next to the veteran at little or no expense. Markers are also issued. Learn more about veterans services.

  • Does Social Security have a funeral benefit?
    • Social Security offers recipients a lump-sum death benefit. As of 2018, the Social Security benefit amount is $255. Although a spouse may choose to apply the payment towards funeral costs, the benefit cannot be paid to funeral homes or estates for funeral expenses. If there is no qualifying recipient, the benefit is not paid.

  • Can veterans get free flags?
    • Burial flags are provided free of charge to the next of kin of honorably discharged Veterans. The U.S. Post Offices are the primary Issue Point for all VA supplied Burial Flags free of charge to the next of kin of honorably discharged Veterans.

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