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Help at a Difficult Time

The days surrounding a death can be a confusing and disorienting time for young children. Altered daily routines and unfamiliar sights and sounds can be difficult for them to understand and cope with. Children notice even the most subtle changes in their routines and surroundings.

The STAR Class contains words and images that are not usually a part of everyday conversation for children or adults. Providing children with the opportunity to hear the words of the funeral process, to express feelings and concerns in a creative art activity, and to write a STAR message to their loved one who has died can give them a sense of power over this new experience and help allay fears about what the funeral is all about.

Star Class: Healing Support for Children

For parents, the task of telling their children that a loved on has died can be anxiety provoking. It can also be hard to know how to include children in the gathering and Community Farewell. To address this need, we offer the 20-25 minute STAR Class to every family with children ages 3-15. The class, provided at the beginning of your private family time, helps children learn about death and teaches them practical ways to participate in this life event. During the class, the children make a special STAR for their loved one. This STAR serves as a transitional object, providing an important task and sense of security as they rejoin your family and see their loved one when the class is completed.

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